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Who to pay the freight of plate heat exchanger plate sample?
Generally, the sample of plate heat exchanger plate is provided by Shanghai Empire Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. without the exemption from freight fee. Taking the distance between export destinations and the port and other overhead expenses into account, the cost of delivering the sample may be higher than the unit price of the sample itself. From delivering the sample out of the factory to customers' hands, the whole manufacturing process can be completed requiring the combined efforts of a great number of people including warehousemen, shippers, and after-sales service staff. The cost of manpower is necessary.

DIGUANG is a famous brand for the first-rate pillow plate heat exchanger and superb service. pillow plate heat exchanger series manufactured by Shanghai Empire include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The lifespan of the product has been extended thanks to the unremitting efforts of our R&D team. With a simple structure, this product is easy to operate. It is the pursuit of higher quality life of people that DIGUANG produced the finest plate heat exchanger to meet the needs. This product can stand up to harsh weather conditions.

Promoting the improvement of plate and shell heat exchanger for the work is the goal for DIGUANG. Inquire now!
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