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Why is the gasket life of the plate heat exchanger so long? _

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-23
Why is the gasket life of the plate heat exchanger so long?

2021-03-16 15:13
146 Many people will find that the life of the gasket of the plate heat exchanger is relatively long. What is the reason? Plate heat exchanger gaskets are indispensable for plate heat exchangers. Today I will share with you why the life of plate heat exchanger gaskets is so long? First of all, starting from a flat sheet of raw material, the raw material manufacturers are also divided into domestic and foreign, full thickness and standards; when the raw materials come to the plate heat exchanger manufacturer, the surface quality and material of the flat materials must be checked in storage. Then cut the board according to the size of the target processed board, and cut off the excess leftover material. When the board is cut, the cut surface is checked to ensure that there are no problems such as burrs and curling. At the same time, the size after cutting should be checked to ensure that the size is accurate. After the flat material is cut, it is necessary to carry out operations such as bagging/oiling according to the material of the plate. The purpose is to ensure that the thinning amount meets the relevant regulations during the pressing of the plate and that the plate will not be used during use. There are problems such as leakage due to excessive deformation. After pressing the plate, the quality of the pressing plate requires high precision of the mold. The quality of the pressed and formed plates can be guaranteed by the high-precision and high-pressure press. At the same time, penetration testing is also required for the pressed plates to ensure No cracks invisible to the naked eye will cause quality problems. At the same time, the specific dimensions and groove depth of the pressed plates must be inspected to control the quality of the plates. After pressing, it is necessary to punch the corner holes of the plate. At the same time, according to different heat exchanger design requirements of the first version, blind plate, special version, etc., the punching position is also different. Some plates are punched with three holes, and some The plate is punched with a hole, and the plates of different corner holes cooperate with each other to form a heat exchanger with multiple processes. For some special working conditions, it can not only improve economic efficiency, but also play a good heat exchange effect. . The editor of the above article shared with you why the life of the gasket of the plate heat exchanger is so long? If you have any questions or needs about the gasket of the plate heat exchanger, the official website of Diguang Heat Transfer welcomes your consultation.
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